Wraps or Pitta? Doner Kebab Trends

Traditionally a Doner Kebab has been served with salad in a pitta.  But it seems that times are changing.

Take a look on the highstreet today.  The big fast food retailers are doing great business with wraps. It’s the same core product which has been re-packaged.

So why the success?

Firstly it’s a reletively new innovation for the big chain brands.  And with most things new, people will try it.  When the cool kids start eating wraps, the rest will shortly follow.
Now take a look on the streets,..hardly anyone walks with thier head up these days.  Especially the younger generation.  They are all walking like zombies staring at a mobile phone screen.  This is where a wrap beats a pitta ‘hands down’ !  You can hold and eat a wrap in one hand, and still work a phone with the other.  Now try that with a Pitta bread.

A pitta Doner is fine for someone wanting a substantial meal. It feels like you are buying a substantial lump of food.  But for everyday ‘grab n go’ trade a ‘lump’ can be too much and, lets face it, its not a pretty sight watching someone battle with it.

The kebab industry has poor PR in the minds of the consumer.  The classic image of the ‘apres pub’ customer leant against a lampost picking the salad out of the pitta..its not a good image.  The move to using wraps might drag the perception of the kebab away from this and entice the younger customer, who are your future, to choose a kebab wrap over other products on your highstreet.

Operationally, offering kebab in a wrap can be more profitable.  With easier portion control and no need for a toaster for the pitta, you can offer a kebab product at a price to rival the competition.  £1.99 menu’s are being used by most of the big brands.  A couple of slices of kebab, some salad and a sauce, you can easily join in.

A snapshot overview from a handful of shops local to Double A Kebab HQ is quite staggering.  Approx 3 years ago, Doner sales were 60% Pitta and  20% with chips and 10% in wraps.  These days, whilst the chip option hasn’t moved, the pitta to wraps percentages have almost reversed.

If the trend is for customers to choose a wrapped meal,..you’d better have it on your menu.  If you don’t, the customer will be tempted by the wraps on offer elsewhere.



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