What’s in your Doner?

Another ‘Behind The Scenes’ look at our manufacturing process.

Its been a while since we last posted a story from the factory…And since everyone is talking about ingredients in food manufacture we thought we’d show you a picture of a mixing tub taken a few minutes ago in the factory.

During a recent factory tour, our vistors were amazed to see the meat that we use. The comment was ” thats good enough to take home and cook for lunch!”

Whilst we see the ingredients everyday,..we sometimes take for granted the quality of ingredients that we use in our kebab mix.  The fresh green Jalepeno’s for example.

We DO NOT buy in pre minced meat. The picture shows the meat after being broken down to smaller pieces prior to going through our mincers on site. After this the secret blend of spices are added.

We hope that pictures like this reinforce our claims that we use the best meats and the finest spices.  This is a Double A Kebab… if you are not using a Double A product, can you be sure what’s in your Doner?


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