The Company

The Double A Kebab that you see today came from humble beginnings.

In fact, The DNA of the Double A Kebab can be traced back to a product made by George Andreou who started making kebab in the back room to sell in his own shop in Shirebrook, Notts.

Other local shop owners saw what he’d made and instantly loved it. They wanted to buy the same product to sell in their own shops.  This was back in the eighties when the fast food business was in its infancy and the product was loved by everyone who tried it.  The mix of meats and spices was unlike anything else that you could buy from a takeaway.  Remember this is before the world of spices had hit the home kitchen

The very same mixer that George Andreou used is proudly on display in the reception of the Double A Offices. Without George and this mixer Double A simply wouldn’t exist.

The business continued to grow with the help of his sons and the product range developed to the wide range that is available today.  One thing that was paramount throughout the growth was to retain the use of the best quality meats and the finest spices available.  The Double A spice mix is a closely guarded secret but the use of green chillies is widely known as one of the many ingredients that make Double A so full of taste.

In 2000 the Alambritis family joined the team and added the second ‘A’ to form Double A Kebab.  Since then the combined efforts of the Double A team have created the business that you see today.

Unfortunately George Andreou passed away, but his legacy still remains with his son Mario who is one of the current Directors of the company and is very much involved in the day to day running of the business alongside the Alambritis family.

Double A has come a long way since those days in the back room.  Today the head office and manufacturing unit in Mansfield Nottinghamshire services customers all over the UK and have recently exported to Europe.

With new innovative products in the pipeline, and a commitment to make the best kebab on the market, the story certainly doesn’t end here.

The best quality meats, the finest spices, that’s the DNA of Double A