The all new KEBURGER is here.

We haven’t updated the news feed for a while.  The excuse?  We’ve been busy working on the new Kebab Burger.  The newly trademarked ‘Keburger’ has now gone into full production and is available to buy. The first shipment was delivered to a wholesaler last week.

The Keburger is NOT kebab meat in a burger shape.  It is a high quality Beef Burger to which we add our famous Double A Kebab spices.  They taste awesome..and we took time to make sure the burger looks as much like a hand pressed burger as we possibly could with mass production.  The edges are rounded because we press the meat rather than cutting it out like a cookie cutter.  The new website will be online soon, Until then, here’s some images showing the awesome new Keburger

sunflower snipfried snipwrap snipchip meal snip