Double A Kebab Achieve PAP Status.

The Kebab industry is in need of a PR boost. The word ‘quality’ doesn’t usually come to mind when the public is asked about kebab. To grow into a trusted food type with the public, changes need to be made to the perception of ingredients and overall quality of product that is available today.

Double A Kebab are pushing the change by partnering with Trading Standards and Environmental Health to ensure the best product and service is always delivered.

The Primary Authority Principle (PAP) is delivered by the BRDO (Better Regulation Delivery Office) and links the City Councils with local businesses to ensure clarity of trading with the public. More details can be seen on the BRDO website

Double A can now proudly display the BRDO logo whilst the public can rest assured that every Double A product is the best it can be.

Hopefully we are a step closer to a better relationship with the public and can one day be seen as a viable meal choice rather than a late night indulgency.